i created some "trash video" for the communication campaign from our class website mm40.comem.ch. It contains hommages to Rocky, Michael Jackson's Billy Jean video and a retrospective P.O.V. video. 

Small Talk

For our journalism project, we had to do some researches around the precarity. While most of my colleges searched in the poverty, i wanted to prove that you don't have to be poor to be in a precarious situation. The precarity in communication is before and during a small talk. In this experiment i asked random students of the first year of the comem department to do an interview. In the studio i always forgot something and had to look for it outside the studio. Just before i left i pushed on the record button. Most of the students never talked with each other. Will they start a small talk? Later i came back and asked them questions about what is precarity and if they are in a precarious situation. I wanted to find out how the students are ready to talk about their personal problems. Enjoy,

Bad Taste Party

Here is a short documentary about 10 friends organizing a Bad Taste Party. I tried to show the effort that we put in to create an unforgettable night with bad costumes and bad music. I shot the movie with a canon 70d. The travelling scene where made with a bench and a skateboard. I haven't done any color correction in this video, this will be the next thing that i want to learn.


I rented a sony HDV and played with the zoom and focus options. Looking for a good subject to film i went down to my basement and made a hommage to my father's model train work. Then i added the track Cocoon Black Dark by Moritz von Oswald.