Andrej Tarkovskij

This post i dedicate to the poet along movie makers, master of long shots and perfectionist: Andrej Tarkovskij. His movie Stalker and his book sculpting time were a big influence to me. After you've watched a Tarkoskij movie you instantly start to ask yourself questions about your own existence. For me, when you start asking those questions after you have watched a movie makes a movie an artistic masterpiece.

  The long scenes and the mystical atmosphere in the zone are one of the key elements of Stalker. Some people might find it boring, but i think that making those beautiful long shots are giving the audience more time to think and discover details because they do not have to handle time jumping cuts all the time. (See the Bourne identity movies) If you want to know more about Tarkovskij work i really recommend you to read his book.

However, it is really hard to master long shots because you have to consider each detail in the frame. The movie Gravity from Alfonso Cuaron is another good example of the beauty of those shots. 

Enjoy Stalker!